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Thursday, 18 January 2018

CATHOLIC ACTION have announced a fourteen-date UK headline tour next year that will see them bring their raucous live show to venues across the country




Watch ‘Black & White’ video on YouTube | Vevo 

In Memory Of is the sound of Catholic Action setting their sights on success” DIY ****

“… a debut album that fizzes with energy and charm with an immediacy that’ll have them crowned as your new favourite band after the very first play” Dork ****

“… In Memory Of doesn’t disappoint” London In Stereo

Glasgow’s CATHOLIC ACTION have announced a fourteen-date UK headline tour next year that will see them bring their raucous live show to venues across the country, including London’s Birthdays on 23rd February.

 Frontman Chris McCrory says: 
In Memory Of has been a long time coming for us, and it wouldn’t have happened were it not for you. It’s a record we’re incredibly proud of and we hope you are too. So, we’re thrilled to be heading out on a headline tour of the UK to perform tracks from In Memory Of and more for the people that made it happen. Thank you! And see you in February."

Following the release of their acclaimed debut album In Memory Of, Catholic Action toured with alt. rock trio Kagoule this November which included a stop at the iconic 100 Club. The band have also just been confirmed for SXSW in 2018 alongside other British rising stars including The Magic Gang, Nadia Rose and Shame, firmly cementing their place as one of the most exciting ones-to-watch for 2018.

In Memory Of offers 11 shining examples of modern guitar pop, and its confident, future facing sound attracted rave reviews as well as praise from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, who featured In Memory Of on his It’s Album Time segment.

Catholic Action also recently shared the video for their latest single ‘Black & White’. One of In Memory Of’s standout tracks, the track was written by frontman Chris McCrory, as a reaction to finding out about the death of David Bowie.  

Catholic Action 2018 Tour – tickets available here

20th Feb Newcastle, Underground

21st Feb Oxford, The Cellar

22nd Feb Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge

23rd Feb London, Birthdays

27th Feb Bristol, Crofters Rights

28th Feb Leeds, Oporto

1st Mar Sheffield, Record Junkee

2nd Mar Bedford, Esquires

3rd Mar Liverpool, Shipping Forecast

4th Mar York, Fulford Arms

20th Mar Southampton, Heartbreakers

21st Mar Brighton, The Hope

22nd Mar Guildford, Boileroom

23rd Mar Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

Catholic Action were formed in 2014 by McCrory alongside Jamie Dubber on bass and Ryan Clark on drums. Andrew Macpherson later joined as lead guitarist to add extra sparkle to the group's own brand of glam noise rock. The band are a product of Glasgow’s famously fertile music scene but have won fans across the UK thanks to their peerless pop masterpieces. The four-piece band are centred around the singular talents of vocalist and guitarist Chris McCrory – already known among key taste-makers as the drummer in Casual Sex, another of Glasgow’s leading musical lights. 

Debut album In Memory Of is was released by the Modern Sky label in 2017. A vivid collection of smart guitar-pop anthems, the record is as rewarding as it is challenging and features BBC Radio 1 favourites ‘L.U.V.’ and ‘Propaganda’. The record garnered critical praise from the likes of DIY and Dork magazines, both of whom gave the album 4* reviews, whilst the album also featured on ‘It’s Album Time’ on Huw Stephens BBC Radio 1 show.  Produced by McCrory and Margo Broom, the record combines a youthful energy with an innate songwriting prowess and shines with a rarely seen confidence. Despite having nods toward guitar pop from the past and present, the album has its gaze truly fixed in the future. 

Catholic Action: In Memory Of is out now on Modern Sky Records. 
Available –


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Review: To Kill a King, Fours and Soham De "All Killer, no Filler" @TheCluny 15/01/2018

Review: To Kill a King, Fours and Soham De
All Killer, no Filler
The Cluny 15/01/2018

The respectably-sized crowd at The Cluny were treated to a rare thing at this gig. All three acts were outstanding. Soham De opened with his thoughtful songs with beautiful minimalist guitar and his soulful voice. I get the impression he will go far and still has more to give as a songwriter and performer. He says he doesn’t tend to name songs however his website is coming along nicely and look out for his upcoming single Brave.

 Fours consists of a frontwoman, Edith Violet and three amazing blokes providing the live backing, drums and bass in addition to sparkly synth loops that life the indie to indie pop in a rather magical way. They could be compared to Florence and the Machine but I’m just not fussed with FATM and Fours did something more to get the audience dancing: they moved them emotionally.They play with enthusiasm that’s infectious and they are musically, visually and personality-wise a superb pop package. They have a clear songwriting talent behind them too and their new single  Sweet Reality is out soon. Their music can be found on Spotify via their website :

To Kill A King have somehow passed me by up to now. I’m not sure how they are not all over the airwaves with the stunning set of songs they have at their disposal. Songs of the modern world and its loss of its soul like Spiritual Dark Age and Good Old Days somehow manage to move from quiet and impassioned pieces to massive anthemic numbers in a heartbeat. They manage to go through an entire set without a single musical turkey. It’s just all so good.

Lead vocalist Ralph Pelleymounter has a versatile vocal range that moves between a deep cross between George Ezra and Louis Armstrong up to expressive high pitched singing, when required. The whole band seem to contribute to the vocal harmonies with keyboard player Ben Jackson adding other-worldly and choral effects that just add to the musical soundscape. It was fantastic to see a band so together and fully invested in the sound. Joshua Taffel on drums, was extraordinary in his passionate playing. The sound was completed with James Ball on bass and Grant McNeil on guitar. Everyone in the band never missed a beat. The audience danced and sang through songs like My God and Your God, and Fictional State: they were definitely fans.  We were so impressed we bought a copy of the new album Spiritual Dark Age and a T Shirt. Definitely a gig to remember. I don’t like overuse of superlatives in reviews but as a live band, To Kill a King are an absolute triumph. See them, as soon as you can. Visite their website:

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Sunday, 14 January 2018

#buddyholly tribute Marc Robinson ‘A LEGEND REBORN’ at @thecustomshouse #southshields


Relive the rockin’ 1950s music scene at The Customs House this month.
The UK’s number one Buddy Holly tribute act, Marc Robinson, stars as the musician who changed the face of rock ‘n’ roll.
Clutching a Fender Stratocaster, sporting a pair of heavy-rimmed glasses and sounding exactly like Buddy in his heyday, a legend is reborn.
Buddy Holly: A Legend Reborn is an all-new production celebrating an artist who shot straight into the limelight as soon as That’ll Be The Day hit the radio. 
Though his career was short, this one-man powerhouse gave the world a stack of hits that will never be forgotten, including Peggy Sue, Oh Boy, Heartbeat, It Doesn’t Matter Anymore, Words of Love, It’s So Easy and Rave On.

Marc fell in love with Buddy Holly’s music at the age of eight and donned his first pair of Buddy-style specs in his early 20s, when he and a few friends started performing as a tribute rock ‘n’ roll band.
He hit the limelight himself after taking part in the original series of TV show Stars in their Eyes, which proved to be a real turning point for him and sent his professional music career into orbit.
Ever since, he has spent his time travelling the length and breadth of the UK, as well as overseas, taking his tribute act to all types of venues and even appearing on the same bill as Buddy’s original band, The Crickets.

Ray Spencer, Executive Director of The Customs House, said: “We’ve had Marc perform here before and he really is the real deal. You won’t be disappointed.”
Buddy Holly: A Legend Reborn comes to The Customs House on Sunday, January 21, at 7.30pm. Tickets, priced from £21, are available from the box office on (0191) 454 1234 or online at

Friday, 12 January 2018

INTERVIEW: Ahead of their UK Tour, Adam @WakemanOfficial and @Damian_Wilson talk to Mark Rawlings and Joanne Oliver for the NORTHEAST MUSIC GUIDE

Ahead of their UK Tour, Adam Wakeman and Damian Wilson talk to
Mark Rawlings and Joanne Oliver 

I decided to draft in my old school friend, Mark Rawlings as he had a penchant for the clever side of rock. I remember him being the first person I knew with an electric violin. Mark is now an astrophycist. Thank you Mark for your excellent questions..

MR: Having grown up in and around the music business, what are your thoughts on how it's changed over the years? Is it more "business" and less "music" these days?

AW: Sadly, that's a sign of the times. When I was younger you'd get an album deal and advance payment. Nowadays you have to raise the money, be proactive with marketing, social media  and be a business manager as well as crafting your art as a musician. That said, I think it was a much bigger step since my dads days in the 70's. Personally, I like being more in control of what's going on and where every penny is being spent so it suits me. I definitely don't get as much time as I'd like to be creative though.

MR: Geeky synth musician question: A lot of musicians have favourite instruments that they're particularly fond of (guitarists are notorious for this). Culturally, synthesizers seem to be less of involved in this (although there are a couple of synths and drum machines that have become somewhat iconic in certain circles). Although electronic instruments, and synths in particular, have changed immensely over last few decades, are there any in particular that you're still particularly fond of, are are they all just different tools?

Seek for Adventure: Live

AW: They are always tools, but the exception for me is my 1964 Hammond C3 organ and Leslie 145 speaker. I love them like a fourth child. It has so much character and life in it. I've played hundreds of sessions and gigs with it and it makes me smile every time I play it, which is what it's all about in my book. It's such a diverse instrument too. I recently played on Stormzy's number 1  track "Blinded by your Grace part 2" and the tracks before that was a 70's rock tune. You can't get much more diverse than that!

MR: Second geeky synth musician question: Do you think the fact that it's now possible to make pretty much any sort of sound imaginable electronically has affected creativity in popular music as a whole? If so, for better or worse?

AW: I don't think so - the sounds are just tools for the song. If the song's not there, then you can cover it in all the new sounds available and it'll still be rubbish....

MR: This might be a good one for both of you, given that Damien's also done "Les Mis": Historically, there seems to be a lot of musical cross-pollination between prog rock as a musical genre, theatrical musicals, rock operas, etc. Do you see this as something that'll continue to happen in the future? If so, are there any literary works, films, etc. that haven't had the rock musical treatment that would be your dream project?

DW:I certainly hope progressive music will always be progressive although as many will point out it often isn’t. I can’t think of any thing off hand, I think if there was something then I’d be working on it now.

AW: I expect Andrew Lloyd Webber owns the rights to everything by now...

MR:How difficult is it to be recognised as an accomplished musician in one's own right, when there's the potential for being perceived to be in the shadow of a parent who's already very well known? (This is one that I've wondered about on and off for a few years now, having witnessed first-hand what wonderful musicians the sons of Willie Nelson & Frank Zappa were in their own rights, while watching them play their fathers' music).

AW: When I was younger, it troubled me but now not so much. Music's for enjoying and once I realised that, I stopped worrying about what people think of me, or my dad and making assumptions of why I was doing the career I'd chosen. I liken it to being a builder. I've got a pal called Kev who's dad was a builder. He might get a job where the client says "Hey Kev, I know your dad - he's a great builder" but the fact is, you wouldn't hire some blokes son to build your house just because his dad was a great builder! It may be a conversation starter but ultimately, people hire you or listen to your music because they like it. Or if they don't, they don't!

JO: How great is it to get out on the road, with music you’ve written together and to be the main attraction rather than offstage musician or just another band member?

DW: It’s great being on the road with Ad, a dream in fact, although he does get all the attention.

AW: It's great touring, and I'm really looking forward to getting on a British tour in a car again, driving up and down the country to all the places that I used to tour with my dad 25 years ago! Back then we'd do 50 shows in a row, no days off. It was great. 

JO: What can we expect from a Wakeman/Wilson live show?

DW: I’m expecting Ad to turn up and complain about there not being a grand piano...

AW: I'm expecting Damian to turn up and complain there's not darjeeling tea leaves on the dressing room rider..That aside, the audience can expect 2 old friends playing songs they've written together and played with other artists and some banter about life, the universe and everything in between.

JO: What do you reckon the chances are of Ozzy finally making it to Newcastle so many years after the cancelled gig when he had the legendary quad bike accident?

AW: Who knows! I just go where I'm told...first up is America in April, followed by South America and Europe. Ozzy wants to do a big tour so I guess there's always a chance...

JO: Do you think having songwriting experience over such a broad range of genres improves the quality of the music you release in your own name or does it make it harder to decide what your musical identity is?

AW: I think the more experiences you have in music helps the next music journey you take. As long as you're doing something you feeling genuinely about, then it's true to your identity. It all falls apart when you try and do something musical for the wrong reason....

JO: Finally, to both of you, what is your favourite cheese? This may seem trivial but your answers can reveal a lot about you, we find.

DW: A nice crunchy English Cheddar 

AW: Vintage cheddar, stronger the better.

JO: Cheese preference analysis: A desire for strength, quality, and dependable Englishness.

Adam and Damian will be starting their tour at the Washington Arts Centre 


Friday 2nd February         Backstage @ The Green Hotel Kinross, Scotland  
Saturday 3rd February     Town Hall Kirton In Lindsey, Lincs                          
Sunday 4th February        The Stables, Milton Keynes                                
Thursday 8th February     The Wharf, Tavistock, Devon                                
Friday 9th February          The Poly, Falmouth, Cornwall.                             
Saturday 10th February    The Accord, Penzance, Cornwall                           
Thursday 15th February   St Pancras Old Church, London                            
Friday 16th February        St Mary's Art Centre, Sandwich, Kent                  
Sunday 18th February      Acapela, Pentyrch, Wales                                     
Thursday 22nd February  Core Theatre, Solihull, Birmingham                       
Friday 23rd February        St Mary's Church, Lowdham, Nottinghamshire       
Saturday 24th February    Trading Boundaries, Fletching, Sussex                  
Sunday 25th February      Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich                                

MARCH 2018

Thursday 1st March          Huntingdon Hall, Worcester                                  
Friday 2nd March              The Chapel Bath                                                  
Sunday 4th March             Basement, York                                                
Monday 5th March            Theatre Royal, Dumfries, Scotland     

Friday, 5 January 2018

WILSON AND WAKEMAN ON TOUR starting at @ArtsCtrWton #sunderland #tyneandwear

Wilson & Wakeman to tour the UK early 2018

‘Great musicianship, great singing, great songs and a great atmosphere. You can’t ask for much more than that really’ 
Mark Radcliffe - BBC Radio 2 / 6 Music

‘A guaranteed night of premier entertainment from two of the UK's finest young musicians. 
I cannot recommend their Weir Keeper's Tale album highly enough’ 
Jerry Ewing - Prog Magazine

On February 1st 2018, Adam Wakeman and Damian Wilson will embark on their latest acoustic tour ahead of their brand new album release.

Featuring Damian on vocals and acoustic guitar and Adam on piano, vocals and acoustic guitar, they’ll be playing songs from their individual back catalogues and artists they have worked with, along with tracks from their joint albums. 
The 18 date UK tour will see them travel the whole of the UK and the acoustic led performance will be complimented with stories and memories from their extensive touring careers in a show not to be missed.

Their new album The Sun Will Dance in its Twilight Hour will be available on February 16th 2018 and is the follow up to their critically acclaimed album Weirkeeper’s Tale. Mixed and mastered by Gary Stevenson (ABC / Go West / Tony Hadley) features guest musicians Andy Dunlop on electric guitar (Travis), Ash Soan on drums (Adele, Robbie Williams, Seal), Haley Sanderson (Strictly Come Dancing vocalist) and Tony Woollard on Cello.

Adam Wakeman

Best known as the keyboard player with Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath, Adam Wakeman has also released nine albums with father Rick Wakeman as well as releasing four solo albums. 
As a classically- trained pianist, his albums cross many genres and styles from classical, to rock. He co-wrote Ozzy Osbourne’s most recent platinum selling album Scream and has also toured extensively with Travis, Annie Lennox, Will Young, Slash, 10CC and many more. The most recent Black Sabbath The End world tour saw over 81 shows in 30 countries around the world, playing to over 1.5 million people. In April 2018, Adam will hit the road with Ozzy for his next World tour which will run into 2020.

Damian Wilson

Damian Wilson is a songwriter and vocalist who has appeared on over 70 separate album releases. Damian is widely known in the progressive rock genre, for bands and projects such as Headspace, Threshold, Ayreon and Rick Wakeman's English Rock Ensemble. As a solo artist he has released 5 solo albums, a DVD and a retrospective compilation album. 
Damian has also worked with Guy Fletcher, Maiden United, After Forever, Mostly Autumn and Praying Mantis. He played the lead role of Jean Valjean in Les Misérables on their UK National Tour.



Friday 2nd February         Backstage @ The Green Hotel Kinross, Scotland  
Saturday 3rd February     Town Hall Kirton In Lindsey, Lincs                          
Sunday 4th February        The Stables, Milton Keynes                                
Thursday 8th February     The Wharf, Tavistock, Devon                                
Friday 9th February          The Poly, Falmouth, Cornwall.                             
Saturday 10th February    The Accord, Penzance, Cornwall                           
Thursday 15th February   St Pancras Old Church, London                            
Friday 16th February        St Mary's Art Centre, Sandwich, Kent                  
Sunday 18th February      Acapela, Pentyrch, Wales                                     
Thursday 22nd February  Core Theatre, Solihull, Birmingham                       
Friday 23rd February        St Mary's Church, Lowdham, Nottinghamshire       
Saturday 24th February    Trading Boundaries, Fletching, Sussex                  
Sunday 25th February      Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich                                

MARCH 2018

Thursday 1st March          Huntingdon Hall, Worcester                                  
Friday 2nd March              The Chapel Bath                                                  
Sunday 4th March             Basement, York                                                
Monday 5th March            Theatre Royal, Dumfries, Scotland     

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

@AMERICANSmusic Return for Jan/Feb 2018 Tour Debut album "I'll Be Yours" out now via @LooseMusic


Return for Jan/Feb 2018 Tour

Debut album I'll Be Yours out now via Loose
Watch video for The Right Stuff:

Listen to title track "I'll Be Yours"

"The whiskey-soaked rockers and gritty ballads of their debut LP roll with hell-bent immediacy, as frontman Patrick Ferris straddles primal ferocity and haunted vulnerability." Uncut 8/10

"Forward-thinking roots rock in the vein of Bruce Springsteen." Evening Standard (Virtually Famous)

"Their primal rock'n'roll roots ground this album and vocalist Patrick Ferris's voice bleeds, pleads and yearns." The Mirror ★★★★

THE AMERICANS are delighted to return to the UK in January to play Celtic Connections and the UK Americana Music Awards, as well as club shows in Newcastle, Oxford and Leeds. Full dates as follows:

SAT 27 JAN - Newcastle, The Cluny 

SUN 28 JAN - Glasgow, Celtic Connections @ Oran Mor

TUE 30 JAN - Oxford, The Bullingdon

WED 31 JAN - London, Americana Fest UK (Venue TBC)

SAT 3 FEB - Leeds, Brudenell Social Club

Los Angeles quartet The Americans released I’ll Be Yours earlier this year. Having started out as a roots band enthralled by pre-war American country and blues, they have evolved into a blistering amalgamation of those influences, injected with a fiery blue collar rock’n’roll attitude, absorbing and reconfiguring the history of American music from Chuck Berry and Tom Waits to Bruce Springsteen. They named themselves after the controversial photo series by Robert Frank, which was first published in 1958 with a foreword by Jack Kerouac. Like Frank's photos, The Americans' songs are miniature biographies, intimate and empathic portraits of individuals that leave much unsaid.

In addition to critical acclaim from the press, the record was also championed by key record stores – Rough Trade made it one of their Albums Of The Month – “From crooning laments, rich and glorious with sweeping sweet orchestrated lushness to disheveled, bluesy, rocking, frantic party time hoedowns, this album lifts you up and gently drops you down”.

The Americans were plucked from obscurity by Jack White, T Bone Burnett and Robert Redford to appear in the recent PBS/BBC4 series American Epic. Featuring artists such as Beck, Elton John, Nas, Willie Nelson, Alabama Shakes and many more, the film reconstructs the story of the first American music in the 1920s and re-assembled the recording apparatus that was used at the time. As experts in early music, The Americans were invited in to figure out the equipment and make the first recordings. Once the sessions were underway, they functioned as the house band, backing up various artists and suggesting songs to the filmmakers. Burnett was quoted as saying; “The Americans are part of this group, these genius 21st century musicians, that are reinventing American heritage music for this century. And it sounds even better this century.”

Tour Ticket links etc here:

Tour Ticket Link

Band info:

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Review : Stan and George Shovlin and the Radars at The Cluny 29/12/2017

A Night Of Amazing Musical Talent

I've been following the rise and fall and rise of Stan for over 20 years. I was on the bus with them on their epic trip to the Cavern in Liverpool back in the early 90s. I was pleased to get an invitation to this gig as it also gave me chance to check out local veteran blues star George Shovlin and his band The Radars, as somehow I've missed out on this treat so far.

George and the band opened the gig with what I feel is oustanding contemporary blues. I wasn't drinking and found I didn't need a drink such was the intoxicating nature of the music.George Lamb worked his magic on the lead guitar and Mr Shovlin interspersed the tunes with stories (of varying veracity) of the origin of the songs. I truly enjoyed the show and would recommend catching this band if you get the opportunity.

Stan came on playing Radio Magicola, a great singalong rock tune, and pounded though other gems such as Lies, Get on Me and Looking for Love. They were then joined by singer Teresa Watson (of the Teresa Watson Band) and keyboardist Gordon Hall (of Fickle Lily) for Queen of the Blues, Midnight Angel and Gotta Believe.

Stan have a stonking back catalogue of songs and we got to hear some of the best played with true passion. It's so great to see the band together and they are clearly playing regularly as they were tight as a hamster's earhole.

The audience were mostly long-time fans of Stan and it showed as they sang and danced along to Come On and finally, in the encore, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place when Teresa and Gordan joined the band again with Stu Burlison (of the Radars) This was a proper party-ending for the show and a good time was had by all.

Review by Joanne Oliver.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

#LittleMixTheSummerHitsTour for @LittleMix with 2018 dates at #hove #swansea #hull #colchester #northampton #bolton #huddersfield #derby #lincoln #norwich #gateshead #falkirk #aberdeen #inverness

Little Mix
Announce The Summer Hits Tour 2018!

The world's biggest girl band* Little Mix are playing a run of UK summer shows throughout July 2018 as part of the group's 'The Summer Hits Tour 2018'.

Kicking off in Hove on 6th July, the run of 15 live shows ends in Inverness on 29th July.

The shows will see Little Mix perform their greatest hits, including 'Touch', 'Shout Out to My Ex', 'Black Magic' and 'Wings'.

Tickets on sale 9.30am Thursday 30th November.

affiliate : See Tickets

*band : I cnnot verify this definition as I've never seen any of them play an instrument.

Legendary #prog-rockers #CAMEL to play @TyneOperaHouse in September 2018 Performing the whole of their 1976 album #Moonmadness plus other classic tracks

Legendary prog-rockers CAMEL to play Tyne Theatre & Opera House in September 2018
Performing the whole of their 1976 album Moonmadness plus other classic tracks

Following the recent announcement that legendary prog-rock band Camel will bring their acclaimed live show to London’s Royal Albert Hall in September 2018, the band are happy to reveal that this will be preceded by an extensive run of UK tour dates, including Newcastle’s Tyne Theatre & Opera House on Saturday 8th September.

During what will be a very special run of shows – performed by Andrew Latimer (guitar, flute, vocals), Colin Bass (bass guitar, vocals), Denis Clement (drums), Peter Jones (keyboards, vocals) – the band will be playing the entirety of their 1976 album Moonmadness plus plenty of other classic tracks. 

Upon release Moonmadness left its mark on the UK Top 20 albums chart, going on to become certified silver. In the Q & Mojo Classic Special Edition Pink Floyd & The Story of Prog Rock, the album was included in its list of the best "40 Cosmic Rock Albums" and voted no. 58 in the Top 100 Prog Albums of All Time by readers of 'Prog' magazine in 2014.
Over a 45-year career, the British prog-rock band Camel has proved itself a hardy survivor. Led by founder member Andrew Latimer, whose instantly recognizable guitar playing and singular compositions are the enduring hallmarks of the Camel sound, the band has weathered many storms and setbacks on its journey but has always come through to deliver original and inspired music. 

Camel formed in 1972, finding international success in the mid-70s with The Snow Goose and Moonmadness albums. Despite ensuing personnel changes, that success was consolidated with a string of further records and tours until the mid-80s, when legal disputes and industry disinterest threatened the band's existence. Relocating to California at the end of that decade, Latimer and lyricist Susan Hoover founded their own independent label, releasing the aptly- themed Dust and Dreams in 1991; a monumental concept album based on John Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath. It proved a resounding return to form that ushered in a new decade of creativity, encompassing four albums – Dust and Dreams, Harbour of Tears, Rajaz and A Nod And A Wink – and four world tours. 

In 2003 Camel undertook a farewell tour, presaging a ten-year hiatus during which Latimer was laid low by a life-threatening illness. Fortunately his subsequent recovery led to a groundswell of renewed energy, powering the band's celebrated return in 2013 with a new, revised album version of The Snow Goose and a sold-out European tour, with another two major tours in the following two years. 

In 2018 Camel will be back on the road again with an extensive tour focusing on one of their most popular albums, Moonmadness. Andrew Latimer will be joined by his two long-standing musical colleagues, bassist Colin Bass and drummer Denis Clement. Occupying the keyboard chair with aplomb and undeniable virtuosity will be multi-instrumentalist Peter Jones, who debuted with the band on their Japanese tour in 2016. 

The intuitive energy that sparked between the band rekindled the special joys of performing as a quartet and spawned the idea to revisit and celebrate the heady days of the original Camel line-up. Camel will perform Moonmadness in its entirety as well as a selection of classic tracks from across the repertoire. 

Theatre Director Joanne Johnson says: “We’re excited to welcome such a legendary band as Camel to Tyne Theatre & Opera House’s stage. The acoustics of the theatre and the stunning interior of our beautiful Grade 1 listed building will make for a very special experience for Camel fans.”

Tickets: £55.50, £39, VIP £125 (includes early entrance, premium seats, meet & greet, VIP laminate & Camel lanyard, photo of the band that can be signed & photo opportunity)

On Sale Friday 1st December from 10am:

Sunday, 26 November 2017

A new #horror film made in #northeastengland by #taxiforotis some words from creator @WarrenSpeed

Northeast Horror Film Maker
Warren Speed on his films Coulrophobia and Dirty Tuppence

Is this the return of the video nasty?

“I have wanted to make horror movies since I was twelve years old,” says British film-maker
Warren Speed. “And I am very excited about my third release since 2010 - Coulrophobia -
which is about a group of kick-ass roller derby girls who go camping in the wilderness, only to
be abducted by a bizarre family of isolated ex-circus performers. The girls are forced to
endure a series of insane gameshow-esque challenges before they escape and then fight for
their lives in a gruesome war of survival with the freakshow family.

Coulrophobia is released on DVD/VOD in the UK on Nov 13 (and then worldwide in Feb
2018). Furthermore Warren is now in pre-production for his fourth movie Dirty Tuppence -
about the most deluded rock band on the planet, a useless serial killer and a pair of inept
private investigators.

Warren’s first two movies are the well known trashy B-movies Zombie Women of Satan 1 &2, featuring the salacious lead character Pervo The Clown (played by Warren himself),
hordes of sexy zombie women and buckets of gore and comedy. Although Warren is keen to
point out that both Coulrophobia and Dirty Tuppence have very little in common with his
zombie films – “I’m moving away from the crude, lewd and low-brow comedy of my first two
movies. They definitely created their own little buzz, but in future I’ll be concentrating on
more mainstream features that whilst still being quirky and off-the-wall are not so
shamelessly in bad taste!”

Coulrophobia has taken Warren and his team three and half years from start to finish. It
was filmed primarily on twenty acres of private woodland, where Warren camped for six
weeks solid. “It was a hell of an experience, in more ways than one,” Warren tells us. “There
were some bad days and nights, like the time me and a friend had to stay up all night bailing
water off the roof of the ‘big top’ tent due to a thunderstorm! But overall, it was an amazing
experience where I practically lost touch with the outside world. And despite post production
taking an eternity due to many different reasons, we’ve finally ended up with a ninety minute
movie I am very proud of !”

Warren (who also acts as well as writing and directing), does not hide the fact that he was
diagnosed as bi-polar (manic depressive) twelve years ago … and actually considers it to be
a virtual "super power" due to the energy it often gives him in being hyper creative and
productive. From his experiences in making movies since 2009 he now knows how to
maximise the benefits of his mental health ‘disorder’, whilst minimizing the disadvantages.
For example, he physically collapsed with exhaustion on his first three films due to working
almost non-stop … and now knows he must have at least five hours sleep a night during the
intensity of film shoots. However, Warren goes as far to say that he doesn't think he would
have made even one movie if he wasn't bi-polar.

Besides his movies, Warren’s previous achievements include being Europe's longest serving
male burlesque performer (he started in 2005 and has performed alongside such stars as
Dita Von Teese), a stand-up comedian for seven years (he gave Sarah Millican all her first
gigs), the promoter and DJ at the very popular monthly ‘Grindhouse Rock Night’ in Newcastle 
(England) … as well as having once spent a very interesting eleven months as an “Avon
Lady” !

Coulrophobia is available on DVD and VOD from Nov 13 from
And you can read more about Dirty Tuppence and check out all the weird and wonderful
perks on offer in their crowd-funding campaign to improve the film’s SFX at ….


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Tuesday, 21 November 2017




FRI 20 JUL 2018

Del Amitri will return in 2018 for a UK tour, the celebrated Glaswegian band’s first run of dates since 2014. The July 2018 tour includes original band members - Justin Currie (vocals, guitar), Iain Harvie (lead guitar), Andy Alston (keys), Kris Dollimore (guitar) and Ashley Soan (drums).

“25 years ago we played Edinburgh Castle to the biggest headline audience we’d ever been in front of,” says Justin Currie. “I wore a kilt and my bass didn’t work for the first two minutes during which we played the opening riff of ‘The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere’ over and over again. We never recovered. This is our chance to make up for it. I won’t be wearing a kilt…”

“From ‘Nothing Ever Happens’ to ‘Jesus Saves’ there is a catalogue of Del Amitri songs that seem even more relevant now than when we wrote them,” adds Iain Harvie. “In this new millennium where everything changes and everything stays the same in an increasingly disorientating gyre of social and personal atomisation, the chance to lean against the bar and play our songs again to audiences around the UK just seems like something too right.”

Tickets on general sale Thursday 23 November from 9am and are available from the Theatre Royal Box Office.

Formed in Glasgow in 1983, during their distinguished career Del Amitri released four Top 10 albums and a string of memorable hit singles. Their million-selling breakthrough album Waking Hour (1989) included the hits Nothing Ever Happens and Kiss This Thing Goodbye. The follow-up, 1992’s Change Everything, featured the massive radio single Always The Last To Know and reached No.2 in the albums chart, only being held off the top slot by the might of The Bodyguard soundtrack. 1995’s Twisted charted at No.3 and included their biggest ever single Roll To Me, which reached No.10 on the Billboard Hot 100. After promoting their fourth album, 2002’s Can You Do Me Good?, Del Amitri went on an indefinite hiatus until 2014, when they reunited for The A to Z of Us Tour.

Tickets for Del Amitri Fri 20 Jul 2018 are on sale Thu 23 Nov from 9am and can be purchased online at TICKETS or from the Theatre Royal Box Office on 08448 11 21 21 (Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge).

CATHOLIC ACTION have announced a fourteen-date UK headline tour next year that will see them bring their raucous live show to venues across the country