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Wreckless Eric On Tour!

Wreckless Eric

Shares the track "Gateway To Europe"

Taken from new album Construction Time & Demolition
Due out on 30 March via Southern Domestic Records

Listen to "Gateway To Europe" here (feel free to share!)
Gateway To Europe (on Soundcloud)

UK Tour in May (see dates below)

Wreckless Eric shares "Gateway To Europe", taken from the album Construction Time & Demolition out on 30 March. Brooklyn Vegan premiered the song saying; "On his new album Construction Time & Demolition, Wreckless Eric looks at the ravages of time and progress. “Gateway to Europe” serves as both an opener to the album but also the beginning of Eric’s story – “the start of something big” — played as a heroic anthem, bursting with horns and soaring backing vocals."

Eric explains more about the track; "In the early 1970s when I was an art student in Kingston upon Hull, Britain joined the European Union. A bridge was built spanning the Humber Estuary, connecting Hull with an area of outstanding nothingness called Lincolnshire. Houses were demolished, docks were filled in and Hull became Hull, Gateway To Europe. The city never recovered. I formed a band and left town."

Wreckless Eric will be touring the UK in May (see dates below).


It's all about the sound, always the sound - music without sound is literally nothing, so I concern myself with the sound. And texture.
A bridge was built spanning the Humber Estuary. Britain joined the Common Market and Hull became Hull, Gateway To Europe. None of it made any sense - the bridge connected Hull with Lincolnshire and the docks closed down.

Gateway to Europe - it's the start of something big


All there is is time, hold that thought and it's gone
We think we have automobiles and houses and furniture and health and longevity but we don't - they're all temporary. All we have is time and I've become increasingly aware that time is always running out. Life is a long song as the hairy bloke with the flute once said. The longer it goes on the more exhausted I get trying to figure out how I got to where I'm at now.

Staring at the clock with no idea
How the fucking hell did I get here?


I've reached an age when I see buildings being torn down that I remember being built.

In the early seventies when I lived in Hull I saw whole streets demolished, turned into vast expanses of dust and crumbled brick. The residents were relocated to faraway places that I only knew as destinations on the fronts of city buses.

I wanted the music to sound as though it was demolishing itself as it went along, and at times I wanted to actually hear it destroy itself, fuzz in and out until all that was left was the flat tone of a heart that's stopped beating.

*** ** ***

Wreckless Eric is Eric Goulden. He was given the name to hide behind. After a while he realised he was stuck with it. His recording career began in 1977 when he was little more than an ex-teenage art student with the enduring “Whole Wide World” (recently a Billboard chart hit all over again for the US band Cage The Elephant). He sidestepped the mechanics of fame and became Britain's premier underground household name, much loved and often underestimated.

Construction Time & Demolition is the culmination of over forty years of touring and recording - a life of hardship, creativity and getting away with it. Loud, dissonant, lyrical, sometimes gently melodic, Construction Time & Demolition is cogent music for desperate times.

Wreckless Eric will be touring in support of the album throughout 2018, including an extensive UK tour in May.

9 May - MANCHESTER - Gullivers
10 May - BARNOLDSWICK - Music & Arts Centre
11 May - HULL - O'Rileys
12 May - DURHAM - Old Cinema Laundrette
13 May - DUNDEE - Clarks
14 May - GLASGOW - Hug & Pint
15 May - EDINBURGH - Henry's
17 May - WORCESTER - Marr's Bar
18 May - BRISTOL - Thunderbolt
19 May - LEEDS - Fox & Newt
20 May - CROMER - Community Hall
21 May - CAMBRIDGE - Junction
23 May - BRIGHTON - Prince Albert
24 May - LONDON - 100 Club
25 May - COLCHESTER - Arts Centre
26 May - RAMSGATE - Music Hall
27 May -  LEICESTER - Musician

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#ONTOUR 2018 marks 20 years since the release of THE HANDSOME FAMILY's 'Through The Trees', which Loose will be celebrating with a 20th Anniversary Edition to be released on 9th March.


“Through The Trees - one of the 10 essential Americana records of all time” MOJO

“The Handsome Family are as funny as fuck, as sweet as love, and as serious as death" UNCUT

2018 marks 20 years since the release of THE HANDSOME FAMILY's 'Through The Trees', which Loose will be celebrating with a 20th Anniversary Edition to be released on 9th March. 

The sky blue-coloured vinyl comes with an exclusive “Invisible Trees” bonus CD, comprising of 15 tracks of “out-takes, live performances and bickering”. The band will be incorporating much of Through The Trees in an extensive forthcoming UK tour, in which Brett Sparks (guitar/vocals) and Rennie Sparks (banjo/bass/vocals) will be joined by drummer Jason Toth and multi-instrumentalist Alex MacMahon.

Full dates and details below. Tickets are on now on sale via loosemusic.com/live.

In 2015 The Handsome Family became famous for providing the theme tune to Season 1 of HBO’s hit TV drama series True Detective, introducing them to a whole new audience and a whole load of new fans. The featured song, Far From Any Road, has been streamed over 50 million times and counting. The Handsome Family suddenly became a little less of a secret. However, even before this worldwide success, the band weren’t short of admirers, counting Bruce Springsteen and Ringo Starr amongst their fans, and with the likes of Jeff Tweedy, Amanda Palmer, Cerys Matthews, Christy Moore and Andrew Bird all having covered their songs. In 2016, the band released Unseen. The highly anticipated new record explored the unseen stories, people and places of the American west. It was greeted with rave reviews from the international press with Mojo declaring the album to be “The Handsome Family’s masterpiece”.

However, it was way back in 1998 when Brett & Rennie Sparks got their first big break, with the release of the The Handsome Family’s third album, Through The Trees. Rennie recalls the recording process: “We wrote and recorded all the songs for Through the Trees in a third floor walk-up loft in the heart of Chicago. This was the actual forest of Through the Trees— an old warehouse space with high, crumbling ceilings, huge chains hanging from cracked sky-lights, fat black cockroaches wobbling across the uneven floor, a broken elevator, a DJ booth (where we slept) and eight foot high windows preparing to fall out onto the street. Light bulbs exploded when turned on and frost formed in the living room. We named one of the many large paint chips hanging from the tin ceiling (Chippy). Outside was a garbage-strewn, urine-stinking street that was a constant parade of wind-beaten people.

Walking home from a bar one night I saw a rat scuttle behind a dumpster and felt a surge of joy. I began to notice pigeons cooing in girders below the highway and the way leaves fluttered in the scrawny branches of sidewalk trees. Living in a man-made wilderness made me begin to see nature. It made me begin to write about falling snow, barking dogs, snakes, forests, mountains, fire... So began the songs of Through the Trees.

When Brett recorded a take in that make-shift loft studio I had to stand perfectly still so the floor wouldn’t squeak. We still managed to make so much noise that our downstairs neighbor often turned his stereo on full blast, pointed the speakers up at the ceiling then left for the day. We deserved it. We were two crazy kids. Literally.

Dave Trumfio, who had produced The Handsome Family’s first two albums, encouraged Brett to make the record on his own. In those days making a record outside a studio was fairly unheard of, but Brett was determined to learn. We couldn’t afford to buy recording equipment, but we found a rental company in the suburbs. We did own a drum machine. Our drummer, Mike Werner, had called it quits a few months back and Dr. Rhythm (Boss DR-770) had taken his place. The rental equipment wasn’t easy to work with or of high quality, but it was a start.

During this time, our favorite venue was Chicago’s legendary Lounge Ax. The owner of the club, Sue Miller, had just married Jeff Tweedy. Brett had given Jeff a cassette with some demos on it. Jeff offered to let us borrow a bunch of gear he had but wasn’t using (an ADAT, a Mackie mixer, Lexicon reverb and a fabulous Tube-Tech compressor). This was a huge gift - Jeff gave us more than gear, he gave us time. We returned our rental equipment and slowed our work pace. We were finally recording music without worrying about how much money each hour was costing us. It completely changed how we worked.

As Brett finished recording the basic tracks, Dave offered to help mix the songs at his apartment. He had an actual computer at home with something called Pro Tools. It was the first time we’d ever seen waveforms turned into computer files on a screen. Revolutionary.

Dave didn’t just help mix our tracks he also added some great sounds (like the circus drum on, “Weightless Again”). Jeff also offered to add some overdubs to our tracks. I am still in awe at the generosity of both these talented guys. I remember Jeff taking his guitar and Univibe into Dave’s tiny bathroom to record guitar for “Where the Birch Trees Lean.” I remember Jeff clearing his throat to sing backing vocals on “Cathedrals” while we sat on Dave’s sagging couch staring up at him. Brett found some noises on a sound effects CD to add to “My Sister’s Tiny Hands” (a squawking parrot) and “The Bottomless Hole” (a creaking door). We recorded our own stamping feet on the loft floor (torturing our downstairs neighbor again) for “Down in the Ground.” Brett remembers Dave playing the in-the-pocket bass on “Stalled” and arranging the horn section on “My Ghost.”

In the UK a new label, Loose Music heard our song “Moving Furniture Around” on a compilation released by Chicago’s Bloodshot Records and now were interested in licensing Through the Trees. It was Loose’s first full length release. Twenty years later, we’re both still going strong. Miraculous!”

Following its release, Uncut magazine declared Through The Trees to be the year’s “Best New Country Album”, Mojo magazine named it one of the “10 Essential Americana Records Of All Time”, with The Guardian going on to call the album’s opening track, Weightless Again, one of the “100 Best Songs Ever Written About Heartbreak”. 

”Through the Trees was written at a time when being a full-time musician seemed an unattainable dream, but it is the record that made that dream come true,” says Rennie. “The songs bring me back to real moments in our lives: “Cathedrals” is about a winter trip we took to the Wisconsin Dells because all the hotels were half-price. “Down in the Ground” is about my childhood fear of basements. “I Fell” is about a horse’s jaw bone I found in the dirt outside Albuquerque. Robert Wadlow, “The Giant of Illinois,” came to me via a travel guide to Illinois. There is no mountain north of Winnipeg, but I never imagined I’d ever go to Canada or that there would be an internet where people could look at maps in an instant. “Weightless Again” started as a stupid joke: Brett is a child of the desert who never learned to float. “The Woman Downstairs” actually got fat not thin, but, yeah, that was one awful apartment building. “My Ghost” is perhaps the most misunderstood song on Through the Trees because the words are my imagining of Brett’s experience. I’m glad they ring true to bi-polars even if they are the work of a depressive. I am still a person of dark moods, but I haven’t jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. I remain deeply thankful and sustained by all who have helped us live the lives we dreamed up for ourselves so many years ago.”


01 MAR – BIRMINGHAM Mama Roux's




06 MAR – CARDIFF Tramshed

07 MAR – EXETER Phoenix

08 MAR – HEBDEN BRIDGE Trades Club

10 MAR – EDINBURGH La Belle Angele


12 MAR – ABERDEEN Lemon Tree

13 MAR – STIRLING Tolbooth

15 MAR – LONDON Round Chapel

17 MAR – LEEDS Howard Assembly Room


20 MAR – NORWICH Waterfront

21 MAR – CAMBRIDGE Junction

22 MAR – BRISTOL St Georges


24 MAR – BRIGHTON St Georges Church

25 MAR – FOLKESTONE Quarterhouse


1. Weightless Again
2. My Sister’s Tiny Hands
3. Stalled
4. Where The Birch Trees Lean
5. Cathedrals
6. Down In The Ground

1. The Giant Of Illinois
2. Down In The Valley Of Hollow Logs
3. I Fell
4. The Woman Downstairs
5. Last Night I Went Out Walking
6. Bury Me Here
7. My Ghost


1. Cathedrals (demo)
2. Down In The Ground (demo)
3. The Giant Of Illinois (demo)
4. Where The Birch Trees Lean (demo)
5. Weightless Again (instrumental)
6. Cathedrals (instrumental)
7. The Giant Of Illinois (instrumental)
8. I Fell (instrumental)
9. The Woman Downstairs (instrumental)
10. Last Night I Went Out Walking (instrumental)
11. Cathedrals (live)
12. My Sister’s Tiny Hands (live)
13. Weightless Again (live)
14. The Giant Of Illinois (live)
15. Down In The Ground (live)

THE ACDC EXPERIENCE playing the @O2AcademyNew 24/4/18 #tickets #ad http://bit.ly/ACDCexperiencetix


 – Darran Short (vocals); Andy Holt (lead guitar); Steven Wolf (bass); James Stringfellow (guitar) and Dennis Duxbury (drums) – brilliantly nail the power and look of the stadium rock god’s incendiary stage performance, backed by a state-of-the-art lighting and projection show.

Thousands of rock fans have seen the Lancashire-based band perform across the UK and they have won plaudits everywhere they have played.

After seeing them live last year at the 02 Academy Oxford, ex-Whitesnake guitar great Bernie Marsden said: “Seeing THE AC/DC EXPERIENCE brought back memories of one of my greatest tour experiences with the Australian rockers in 1980.  THE AC/DC EXPERIENCE boys captured the spirit of those great anthems I heard every night. If you love AC/DC music a night out at one of their gigs will leave you smiling!”

THE AC/DC EXPERIENCE authentically cover all eras – so expect explosive versions of the classics Highway to Hell, Back in Black, Thunderstruck, Hells Bells, You Shook Me All Night Long, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, T.N.T, Whole Lotta Rosie and many many more.

James Stringfellow said: “We had such a great time on our first UK Tour last year that there really was only one thing to do – get back on the road again in 2018!

“AC/DC die-hard fans love us, rock fans love us and we love getting up there on stage and bringing the AC/DC sound to the masses.

“Rock fans are very discerning – they will not stand for cheap imitations – and we believe we are the closest you will get to the real thing. We aim to shake audiences ‘all night long’ and we cannot wait for our second UK tour to begin.”

As well as last year’s debut UK tour, the band have played many headline slots at festivals where they have won rave reviews and rapturous responses from the crowds.

James added: “As professional musicians, and most importantly fans of AC/DC, it spurs us on to bring the true spirit of the real thing to as many people as possible. We absolutely bring the full AC/DC package both in terms of the music and the performance, and the response from audiences across the country has been fantastic.”

So, get ready to rock – THE AC/DC EXPERIENCE are coming to Newcastle!

THE AC/DC EXPERIENCE play the Newcastle 02 Academy on Saturday 24th March 2018. Tickets can be bought via www.acdc-experience.co.uk 

#ONTOUR @mrBRUNOMAJOR with @SamSmithworld


BRUNO MAJOR is pleased to announce that he will be heading out alongside Sam Smith on his UK arena tour, kicking off next month.

The thirteen-date tour commences in Sheffield on the 20th March, winding up with two sold out nights at London’s O2 Arena in April. Remaining tickets for all regional dates are on sale now.

The new dates precede Bruno’s previously announced headline tour of the UK/Ireland which culminates at a sold-out Village Underground on the 9th May. Ticket links are listed below.

Bruno is currently out on a fully sold-out US tour. It follows the young Londoner’s promise to himself last year write and record one track a month throughout the year.

The songs, which sit together under the title ‘A Song For Every Moon’, were written under self-inflicted deadlines, and not without nuance, manage to sound a full body of work when listened back in their entirety. A Song For Every Moon is quite peerless.

Listen to A Song For Every Moon

Watch the video for ‘Cold Blood’ 

Bruno Major Live:

20th March – FlyDSA Arena, Sheffield (w/ Sam Smith)

21st March – Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle (w/ Sam Smith)

23rd March – Hydro, Glasgow (w/ Sam Smith)

27th March – Arena, Manchester (w/ Sam Smith)

28th March – Arena, Manchester (w/ Sam Smith)

30th March – 3Arena, Dublin (w/ Sam Smith)

31st March – 3 Arena, Dublin (w/ Sam Smith)

3rd April – Genting Arena, Birmingham (w/ Sam Smith)

4th April - Genting Arena, Birmingham (w/ Sam Smith)

6th April -  O2 Arena, London (w/ Sam Smith)

7th April – O2 Arena, London (w/ Sam Smith)

28th April – Empire, Belfast (Headline Tour Tickets)

29th April – Workman’s Club, Dublin (Headline Tour Tickets)

1st May – Broadcast, Glasgow (Headline Tour Tickets)

3rd May – Exchange, Bristol (Headline Tour Tickets)

4th May – Institute 3, Birmingham (Headline Tour Tickets)

7th May – Bodega, Nottingham (Headline Tour Tickets)

8th May – Deaf Institute, Manchester (Headline Tour Tickets)

9th May – Village Underground, London (Headline Tour SOLD OUT)



Monday, 19 February 2018




The Vamps today announce a U.K. arena tour at the beginning of spring 2018! Following the success of their #1 third studio album ‘Night & Day’, The Vamps are set to embark on a thirteen date mammoth tour coming to Newcastle at the Metro Radio Arena on Friday 20th April 2018.

Coming off their biggest single ever ‘All Night’ with 300 million global streams and a number one UK album, The Vamps will continue to be centre stage in 2018 and will take the U.K. by storm. Vampettes get ready!

The Vamps are Brad Simpson (Vocals, Guitar), James McVey (Guitar), Connor Ball (Bass) and Tristan Evans (Drums).

Tickets will go on sale 10.00am Saturday 4th November and are available online, from the booking hotline number 0844 493 6666 or from 11.00am in person from the Metro Radio Arena Box Office. Please note venue facility and booking fees will apply.

THE HYSTERIA ALBUM PLAYED LIVE IN FULL! Plus more Def Leppard Hits as they tour the UK


On 19th January 2018 around the world, legendary British rock icons Def Leppard debut their full recording catalogue worldwide. One of the last multi-platinum selling acts to be made available on streaming and download platforms, music fans from all corners of the globe can now enjoy tracks and albums from Def Leppard who have sold more than 100 million albums worldwide to become one of rock’s most enduring and influential bands.  

Click here for tickets from our affiliate, Ticketmaster

Said Joe Elliott, “It is with a mixture of relief & euphoria that we now see our entire catalogue finally getting a digital release. Having embraced every other format with open arms, especially & more recently the re-emergence of vinyl, we’re now going to be available to everyone everywhere and honestly, it’s as exciting as the original releases were.”

Phil Collen adds, “We felt we'd been left out of the digital party, but it's a thrill for us to finally accept the invitation and to be able to say "Yeah, you can stream us, download us and hear us on all digital outlets".

As a cornerstone of rock and roll’s history, Def Leppard’s substantial career includes numerous hit singles including their first early chart hit “Wasted” -- to their radio and MTV staples “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak”, “Photograph”, “Rock of Ages”, “Too Late”, “Animal”, “Armageddon It”, “Love Bites”, “Rocket” and “Let’s Get Rocked.” Their ground-breaking multi-platinum albums—including two of the best-selling albums of all time with sales of more than 10 million copies each in the U.S. alone Pyromania and Hysteria, captured some of the group’s legendary tracks, bringing together classic Leppard hits such as “Pour Some Sugar on Me”, “Hysteria” and “Foolin’.”  The group continued their success expanding into the world of film, covers, and new collaborations including “Two Steps Behind” from the film Last Action Hero, “No Matter What”, “Waterloo Sunset”, and “Nine Lives” with Tim McGraw as well as Def Leppard hits “When Love and Hate Collide”, “Slang”, “Work It Out”, “Promises” and “Now.” Finally, all of Def Leppard’s awe-inspiring music is available to everyone, around the world from the band’s eponymous debut EP through to their most recent album.

Late 2018 will see the band deliver what many UK and Eire fans have been waiting for – the “Hysteria” album performed in full plus other Def Leppard hits across eleven arena dates in December 2018

Rick “Sav” Savage says, “After many requests from fans in the U.K, I'm delighted that we can bring the whole “Hysteria” album to arenas across Britain and Ireland later this year. From 'Women' to 'Love and Affection' plus many other faves thrown in for good measure. Oh, and our old pals Cheap Trick will be there also to help with the celebrations!! We can't wait'.

These will be the first Def Leppard UK and Eire tour dates since the sold-out Arena run in late 2015. 2018 also marks the 35th anniversary of “Hysteria’s” predecessor “Pyromania”.

The seminal 1987 “Hysteria” album is rightly seen as a landmark recording in the history of rock music. It was the album that saw Def Leppard conquer the world with global hits such as “Animal”, “Pour Some Sugar On Me”, “Hysteria”, “Armageddon It”, “Love Bites”, “Woman” and “Rocket”. The band will deliver “Hysteria” in full alongside other songs from their incredible catalogue.

TICKETS from our affiliate

60th Anniversary Show: "Buddy Holly with the English Rock and Roll Orchestra" @CityH4ll #newcastle Tuesday March 6

1958-2018 The 60th Anniversary Show
Buddy Holly with The English Rock and Roll Orchestra

In 1958, Buddy Holly & The Crickets played 25 venues across England back to back from 1st to 25th March (playing two or even three shows a night) and performed at Newcastle City Hall on 6th March 1958. The American singing sensation also headlined a variety bill hosted by ‘the comedian with the modern style’, Des O’Connor.

 To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Buddy’s only ever visit to our shores, the UK’s first and best-loved Buddy Holly act, Buddy Holly & The Cricketers, revisit some of the same venues on the same dates in 2018 with a very special show backed by the English Rock and Roll Orchestra.

 Buddy Holly & The Cricketers present Buddy’s music and other rock ’n’ roll greats as you have never heard them before. This truly remarkable evening of classic rock ’n’ roll will have you dancing in the aisles and shouting for more.

 Buddy Holly & the Cricketers have thrilled audiences all over the world for more than quarter of a century and featured some of the finest international actor musicians in the business. So don’t miss out on the concert of a decade. Make your Heartbeat a little faster with the show that has thousands of fans the world over saying:  “I can’t believe it’s not Buddy!”

 Tickets for Buddy Holly and The Cricketers Tue 6 Mar from £26.50 are on sale now and can be purchased online at www.theatreroyal.co.uk or from the Theatre Royal Box Office on 08448 11 21 21 (Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge).

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#review @theLovelyEggs @PorkythePoet @Mousestheband @thecluny 11/02/2018


Lovely Eggs

Seriously though, when you get a band like Mouses opening with songs about cross dressing, Hollywood, Feet and Worm you know you're in for a good night. Anarchic, confident, in-your-face and off-the-stage at one point, Mouses really got the big Cluny crowd going. I've seen them before but they seem to have cranked the madness up to 11. They are like Fraggles on speed. This is not a bad thing. Mouses just seem to be getting better. 



Porky the Poet (Phill Jupitus) started his set with a poems about Beano characters growing up. It was clear to me looking at the age range of the crowd that a large number were influenced to give a punk rock night a go, by the presence of a familiar BBC comedy face. However the balance worked really well. Phill's poem about supporting Madness was a hoot as was the one about fat mods. Relateable poetry presentle with expert comedy timing. 

Strongbow and Poetry Break while amp gets sorted.

The anarchy continued when the Lovely Eggs came on. Technical issues seemed to bother them more than the audience who lapped up People are Twats, Digital Accordion, I Shouldn't Have Said That and Fuck It. The fourth wall had dissolved with the Mouses and one audience memebr was invited to bring his interpretive dancing to the stage. This only fed the mayhem, and I'm sure he'll be telling his grandkids about this in the future. The Lovely Eggs are made up of just two people: Holly Ross and David Blackwell who create something that is way bigger than the sum of themselves. They make use of loop pedals and effects to make massive psychedelic trippy soundscapes at times which do a canny job of massing with one's brain. One thing puzzled me: how do the Lovely Eggs maintain their trim physiques whilst being massive fans of E.A.E.A.E.A.E.A TING? A great night of music and poetry not to be missed. 

Lovely Eggs

Lovely Eggs
Photos ©jowheretogo and slightly hampered by the big speakers hanging off the stage. Great sound though.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018




Fresh from touring with The Amazons, OTHERKIN have announced a new UK tour, ahead of a new live vinyl album which captures the band in all their raw ‘n’ ragged concert glory.

2017 was a landmark year for Otherkin. Having opened for Guns ‘N’ Roses at Slane Castle, rocked Download and Leeds / Reading festivals and toured with punk rock legends The Dead Kennedys, they released their debut album - “OK” - in September. This was immediately followed by an epic, fifty-one gig, ten-thousand kilometre jaunt around seventeen European countries, finishing with a triumphant, sold-out, homecoming show at Dublin’s Button Factory just before Christmas.

Recorded at concerts in Hamburg and Berlin last autumn; “Deutschland K.O.” is a punk-rock Polaroid of a band thriving in their natural element - the sweaty rock ‘n’ roll rooms where hearts are broken like noses, dreams are born, shoes are lost and the mosh-pit rules.

“Deutschland K.O.” will be released on Rubyworks’ vinyl and digital on Friday 6th April. Otherkin fans attending any of the UK tour dates will be able to buy the album at the venue ahead of the official street date.

Otherkin UK tour dates:

“Deutschland K.O.” tracklisting.

Side 1

Bad Advice / Treat Me So Bad / Come On, Hello / Feel It / Enabler / REACT

Side 2

‘89 / Razorhead / Ay Ay / Love’s A Liability / Yeah, I Know / So So




TICKETS ON SALE 9AM (affiliate seetickets)


Listen to the album here - Spotify / iTunes / Buy

‘A slew of fast and furious hit singles in the making’ – Sunday Express

‘Subtle, sophisticated songwriting’ – Evening Standard

‘A self-performed album of lushly simple songs that are hummable and uplifting’ – Mail on Sunday

 “Oh My God I can’t believe it, I’m going on tour” - NICK

This was never the plan when Nick left Kaiser Chiefs in 2012. The plan was to stay at home writing and producing for other people. After five years of  writing songs with everyone from Shirley Bassey to Rat Boy via Mark Ronson and John Newman, the plan changed.

His solo album Tell Your Friends came out on 26th Jan 2018 to great acclaim: album of the week in the Sunday Express, 4* in the Evening Standard and Dork Magazine (‘Hodgson’s innate genius shines brighter than ever before’), whilst The Sunday Times revelled in ‘this lovely album’s artless, low-fi approach’ and Q Magazine noted that Hodgson’s ‘ear for a winning melody remains acute’. 

The April tour will be his first since the arena and festival headline slots with Kaiser Chiefs when Nick played drums and was the principal songwriter. He will be joined by his fabulous new band, including members of Howling Bells and The Dead 60s. Expect to hear the new album alongside a few indie anthems courtesy of his back catalogue.


14th - Dublin, The Grand Social

15th - Birmingham, The Actress and Bishop

17th - London, 100 Club

18th - Manchester, The Deaf Institute

19th - Newcastle, The Cluny

20th - Glasgow, King Tut’s

21st - Leeds, The Wardrobe

Tickets go on sale 9am Friday 9th February and are available from gigsandtours.com, seetickets.com and local ticket vendors.

Tell Your Friends is Out Now

Monday, 5 February 2018

#review @Erasureinfo and @Brightlightx2 @CityH4ll 04/02/2018

Review: Fabulous Electro Pop, 
New and Classic from Erasure
At Newcastle City Hall
With Bright Bright Light

Rod of Bright Light Bright Light

We were bathed in red light as we entered Newcastle's iconic music venue. The PA was playing the best-known 80s electronic hits.
Since our last visit venue has a new security firm which seems more customer focussed and drinks are now allowed in the venue itself. The bar and toilets have been altered and refurished.  Whilst the ladies appears to be much bigger the queues were still in evidence at the interval. At least it was a step in the right direction. Taking out the dividing walls creates a bigger bar drinking area and it feels more like a modern club rather than a strange basement affair.

Bright Light Bright Light were the  support. The lead singer Rod Thomas was clothed in a magnificent fluorescent rainbow suit. He has a strong mellow voice reminiscent of Paul Young. Bright Light Bright Light is a 3-piece made up of drummer, keyboards and sax and electronic effects pads from Rod. The first song was a joyous number with Jamaican steel drum sound on the keyboards. The third song Symmetry Between 2 Hearts had a big 80s style sound. For Little Bit. Rod got his sax out for the intro. This South Wales band would not look out of place at Colognes Amphi Festival. The last song was Running Back To You. This song, originally recorded with Elton John really builds up into a big power ballad. Bright Light x2 were are superb support act for Erasure. The new album: Choreography certainly seems worth a listen.

Erasure  came on with the glamorous backing singers in silhouette to the theme from Tales of the Unexpected. Andy Bell at on a chair for the first song Oh l'Amour but the whole venue was up dancing. Between songs, Andy kept up the witty remarks and self-effacing humour which added to the jovial atmosphere. Ship of Fools was another big sing-along song.

New songs such as Just a Little Love from the new album World Be Gone fit in seamlessly with classic hits. No worries about his voice after laryngitis earlier in tour. I personally felt Andy sounded better live on this track than on the album version of the song. He's still vocally, as powerful as ever.
Vince Clarke stayed at the top of the set in an "engine room" for most of the show. Whereas some 80s stars say very little in their set, here we get emotional interludes between the songs as Andy interacts with the loving audience 

It is always a balancing act between promoting the new material and giving the audience the greatest hits. It is knowing when to slot in that up tempo classic to restore the energy in the room. I Love Saturdays sat happily next to Who Needs Love Like That? Blue Savannah was a song I forgot I'd liked and it had the audience singing along. A surprise cover  was Blondie's Atomic. And the hits kept coming with Stop and the perfect set closer Sometimes. Vince came down with his guitar for the uplifting encore Respect. An Erasure fan couldn't have asked for much more. Nice work lads!

Wreckless Eric On Tour!

Wreckless Eric Shares the track "Gateway To Europe" Taken from new album Construction Time & Demolition Due out o...